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Les formes contractées de TO BE au Present simple | AGIRabcd | F. Duban

Les formes contractées  de TO BE au Present simple


Ci-dessous TO BE au présent, forme non contractée et forme contractée pour chaque personne.

I am       I'm

You are  You're

He is      He's

She is     She's

It is        It's

We are  We're

You are  You're

They are They're

Check what you know.

Quelle est la seule forme conracteé du verbe TO BE au pluriel du présent ?

Quelle est la seule forme contractée du verbe TO BE au présent simple à la 3ème personne du singulier ?


Donner les formes non contractées

Donner les formes contractées 

Send your good work to teacher

Do the exerciSe below and send it to teacher by pasting your text into the message box under “message” at the top of the column on the left of the screen.


Replace the long forms in the sentences below by contracted ones.

Remplacer les formes pleines par les formes contractées dans les phrases suivantes.


I am very happy because my friends have just arrived. They are all nice people. We are good friends indeed. Laura is 16 years old. Peter is 17 years old. James is younger. He is the youngest boy in the group. 

Do you want to meet them ? They are so friendly and you are so kind! What is your name by the way? 


What is your name by the way?  Please make sure you have mentioned your name at the end of the exercise. It is necessary to keep track of your good work.


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