Preterite simple 2 Utiliser les formes interrogatives et négatives à partir de la première phrase.

Click button "Check" at the bottom of the page to know if your answers are correct. (cliquer sur le bouton en bas de pages pour savoir si vos réponses sont correctes).

My mother watched TV yesterday. your parents TV yesterday?
No, my parents TV yesterday.

My friend went to the beach last Sunday. you go to the beach last Sunday?
No, I to the beach, I to Mafate.

I my mother's car last Sunday.
you your father's car too?
(Tu as lavé la voiture de ton père aussi?)
No, I my father's car.

I my teeth yesterday.
you your teeth everyday? (CAREFUL! Which tense? Present or past?)
Yes, I brush my teeth everyday.

I clean my room every week.
you your room last week?
No, I my room last week because I was hiking in Mafate.

I the film that I on TV yesterday.
J'ai aimé le film que j'ai vu à la télé hier.
you it too?
(Tu l'as vu aussi?)
No, I TV yesterday. I video-games. (to play régulier)