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Standard Contractions in English | AGIRabcd | F. Duban

Standard Contractions in English

A List of Standard Contractions in English


aren't are not

can't cannot

couldn't could not

didn't did not

doesn't does not

don't do not

hadn't had not

hasn't has not

haven't have not

he'd he had; he would

he'll he will; he shall

he's he is; he has

I'd I had; I would

I'll I will; I shall

I'm I am

I've I have

isn't is not

it's it is; it has

let's let us

mightn't might not

mustn't must not

shan't shall not

she'd she had; she would

she'll she will; she shall

she's she is; she has

shouldn't should not

that's that is; that has

there's there is; there has

they'd they had; they would

they'll they will; they shall

they're they are

they've they have

we'd we had; we would

we're we are

we've we have

weren't were not

what'll what will; what shall

what're what are

what's what is; what has

what've what have

where's where is; where has

who'd who had; who would

who'll who will; who shall

who're who are

who's who is; who has

who've who have

won't will not

wouldn't would not

you'd you had; you would

you'll you will; you shall

you're you are

you've you have

© F. DUBAN 2013