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Stencils | AGIRabcd | F. Duban


First click and watch the video below.

Don’t panic if you do not understand much! 

We’ll help you understand the beginning of the video. It’s easier than you may think!

Stencils (oral comprehension)

Stencils (oral comprehension)

'want to discover how to make a ? I'll show you how.

I'm Meghan Carter and this is "Ask the ." [Music]

To stencils, you must first find you'd like to .

If you can draw freehand you won't need a pattern,

but for those who don't trust their drawing skills

a is necessary and easy to find.

Look at , pillows, books, , even for beautiful patterns to trace. `

I will use the French Quarter from Waverley.

This pattern is very and perfect for a stencil

because part of the pattern is disconnected.

© F. DUBAN 2013