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Multilingualism  Réponses contrastées au plurilinguisme :  État Education bilingual education link mainstreaming cultural pluralism English Plus Websites Uniting and disuniting forces  at work in the history of  the U Exclusion Discrimination ethnic separatism Alienation Identity conflicts Tensions and conflicts between ethnic groups and communities Disuniting of America (also a book) Destabilization of the nation mainstream America Dominant culture Primacy of English social pressures to assimilate  into the dominant culture us vs them  Immigration A nation of nations A Polyglot Nation  E pluribus unum many languages  indigenous to the USA Nation = one people + one language (?)   different Communities   and minority ethnic groups native language (first language) (primary language) minority language heritage language dominant language English Only  a movement in the US who supports  English only a Constitution  Union &  national Unionism Citizenship abrogation of constitutional rights to freedom of expression  U.S. English "foreign nations" of the US Native American Languages Act  (1990) minority rights anti-immigrant attitudes The American Dream The melting pot Assimilation The Bilingual Education Act of 1968 Equal Educational Opportunity Act of 1974 multiculturalism-interculturality.html Assimilative  forces Centrifugal  forces Acculturation NABE heritage language  (Crawford 1999) Bilingual Education Act  Wikipedia inter-ethnic relationships Biliteracy Heritage language Assimilation Identity construction Personal original culture Multiculturalism multilingualism  of contempory advanced societ Ethnicity Ethnic pluralism Federalism (USA) Identity Integration Language shift  Pluralism (individual) plurilingualism Standardization (Americanization?) Ethnic ambivalence Limited-English-proficient  (LEP) students Anglicization Multiculturalism Plurilingualism Concepts The individual person The individual and society Exclusion hand out No Child Left Behind Act constitutional rights to freedom of expression and equal protec Native Americans,  Native Alaskans Native Hawaiians